Travis Dixon
Today we would love to introduce you to Travis Dixon who is playing Hunter in [title of show] at Hollywood Fringe Festival!
Do you identify with your character in any way?
I identify a great deal with my character, Hunter Bell. He’s struggling in a world that is oversaturated with recycled ideas and longs to do something original that inspires people’s attention.What is your favorite line to say or sing? What is your favorite line in the show?
My favorite line would have to be “I mean can you imagine if we got to make our living just writing? Actually making money doing what we love?” You can replace the word “writing” with whatever you so desire as a person, “painting,” “playing video games,” “building grass huts” and the sentiment is the same. We all long to experience the things we love again and again and any time spent a part from that love can be agony. Favorite song in the show and why?
My favorite song would definitely be “Part of It All” because of it simplistic nature. Here’s what I love and why I love it. With each new line, our characters bring that love into tighter focus so the audience feels that connection to whatever “original musical” they desperately want to be a part of too.

Why did you want to be in [title of show]?
Funny enough, I auditioned for [Title of Show] not knowing the material at all. In fact, I had to keep asking what the show was named, all the while becoming more confused by the answer I received. Even after I found out I received the role of Hunter; I still knew nothing about the show. But the fact our director wanted to work with me, trusted me to tell this story is usually more than enough for me to want to come and play.

How has the experience been so far?
The experience has been fantastic! The rehearsals were shorter and fewer than you would normally have for a full-fledged two act musical but I’m so fortunate to be surrounded by ridiculously talented people on stage that we are able to progress much quicker with the process. We were given a lot of freedom to explore and see where the text took us as we rehearsed. Having this kind of openness on a stage is great because you aren’t concerned with crossing on a particular line or delivering the lines the same way twice. As an actor, it gives you options to play with every night.

Why should people come see this show?
People should see [Title of Show] because it is a look in the mirror. Each character, though based on a real person, is also a representation of the different internal struggles we face every day. But it shows them in a way that is entertaining and engaging and eventually leaves you with a hopeful and promising outlook for the future. Plus there’s half naked guys and girl on girl action.