Julia Plostnieks

Today we introduce you to the wonderful Julia Plostnieks who plays Susan in [title of show] officially opening tonight at the Hollywood Fringe Festival!

Do you identify with your character in any way?
I absolutely identify with my character. During the course of the story, Susan realizes how much she needs the theater, an outlet for self-expression, and “creative fun time with friends” in order to feel fully human again. Having been pulled away from the beauty of collaborative creation by her day job, she searches for a balance between the two. All I can say is, “ditto.”

What is your favorite line to say or sing? What is your favorite line in the show?
“Let our show be the Rice Krispie treat.” I love singing this lyric because it’s quirky and adorable, just like [title of show]. As far as a favorite line is concerned, I like all of the meta moments. This show is like a great hall of mirrors – self-reflective and layered.

Favorite song in the show and why?
My favorite song is “A Way Back to Then” because of its reference to the joy and innocence of our childhood dreams and how they are still completely valid. Making your 9 year-old self proud is something one should aspire to.

Why did you want to be in title of show?
Because of Corey and Heather and I love them. I had heard one song and read exactly zero pages of the script before I said, “Yes! I’m on board!” simply because I wanted to work with these fantastic women. And I trusted Corey whole-heartedly.

How has the experience been so far?
I am fantastically in love with everyone involved in this show.

Why should people come see this show?
People should come see this show because it’s a celebration; a celebration of theater, friendship, and the creative spirit!