Heather Lake

Today we are introducing the lovely Heather Lake who is playing Heidi in [title of show] at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

Do you identify with your character in any way?
I most definitely identify with Heidi quite a bit! She’s got this quirky fun quality about her. She and I both have this sense of seeking adventure, and really hoping and striving to accomplish our dreams. There’s a song that comes towards the end of the show called “A Way Back To Then” in almost everything that Heidi is singing there is a parallel in my life. Heidi dances in the backyard to Andrea McArtle, I danced in the backyard while singing the little mermaid at the top of my lungs. Which, in truth is ALSO ironic considering Heidi was IN the Little Mermaid on Broadway…amazingly spooky!

Favorite song in the show and why?
I LOVE all of the songs in the show, but in all honesty Die, Vampire, Die would be my favorite. It takes you on a journey of the life suckers aka “vampires” in the world that say “you’re not good enough” “Clean it up” “Anyone and everyone else does it better than you” and you really end up feeling everything in this song. At the end it does resolve to make you feel all sunshine-y inside; but the journey as a whole in that song is my favorite.

Why did you want to be in title of show?
[title of show] is an inspiration to everyone. Anyone that see’s this show can relate in SOME way. Corey (the director) first had me listen to Die, Vampire, Die and What Kind of Girl is She and I was sold on it. I’m a comedy whore, so to get the opportunity to sing this amazing music and tell the amazing story that Hunter and Jeff created is a thrill! I love to laugh, I love to hear laughter, and I love to make people wet their pants with laughter; with any luck I will get to do all 3 at the FRINGE.

How has the experience been so far?
The experience has been glorious. I would say one of my favorite if not THE favorite show I’ve ever worked on. There would be days of coming to rehearsal after a long day of work and you walk into the space and just feel this overwhelming sense of joy and peace because you can finally breathe, you’re home. You get Chris, Travis, Julia, Jim, Erin, Corey, and I in a room and I can’t even describe it but life is better. Air is clearer, and hearts are fuller. Also faces hurt a lot from all the laughter (again comedy whore). Actually I feel like we’re all some level of comedy whores….so we should all be in a comedy brothel….oh wow that’s awesome! But in all seriousness, this is such a wonderful show to do. I’m honored to be able to do it with such a kick ass group of people!

Why should people come see this show?
Everyone should see this show because you with laugh, cry, clap, want to fly, relate to it, and leave with perhaps the biggest smile that you’ve had in years! Come see the show because if you’re having any kind of day you’ll LOVE IT! If you’re having a bad day, you won’t remember why when you leave! We’ll take your hearts on a journey and fill it with so much awesome you’re not going to want to leave! And well, because we love you!